Clark Industries Companies, LLC

Six companies engaged in nine industries.

Project Management           Contract Compliance          Equipment Maintenance             Sportsware Sales and Distribution               Moving and Storage        Mortgage Banking       Trucking and Logistics Management        Tax Preparation and  Accounting       Crate Warehouse Storage       Commercial Construction                     Residential  Construction                     Diesel and Truck Repair                       Land Development

Our Group of Companies

Accounting and Tax Preparation

Commercial Construction

Container Storage Services

Diesel and Truck Repair Services

Logistics Management

Mortgage Banking

Residential Construction

Trucking and Moving

Warehousing and Storage


Clark Industries provides the resources, answers and results

your Company needs for long-term success.

----------------- Colorado ----------------

4501 Wynkoop Street

Denver, Colorado 80216

Phone: 303-781-1172

Fax: 303-781-1825


------------------ Colorado -------------------

 295 Clayton Street, #202

Denver, Colorado 80231

Phone: 303-338-1537

Fax: 303-338-8040


----------------- California --------------------

309 E. Beach Ave.

Englewood, California 90302

Phone: 303-781-1172

Fax: 303-388-8040


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