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RMD Financial Corporation is a Colorado based consulting firm. We are both innovative and contemporary in our approach to business, financial and communications consulting. Since 1989, RMD's clients have received a broad range of business, financial, communications, and management consulting services and related products. Our clients benefit from the management and computer expertise that RMD's management team offers.  We are very good at what we do and are proud of the quality of service we provide. Mr. Daniel has seventeen years experience in commercial leasing and lending in the Rocky Mountain Region. He has managed commercial leasing/lending portfolios which range in size from $15 to $60 million dollars. As the senior credit officer for the Colorado Region of a five billion dollar national company, Mr. Daniel supervised a staff of twenty-five professionals in five states. Mr. Daniel's extensive experience in the media includes both radio and television where he hosted several talk shows that addressed business and financial issues. Mr. Daniel received a Bachelor of Science Degree in Computer System Design.


Industry Specific RFP and RFQ Structuring Development and Packaging

The public sector's ability to solicit competitive and economically sound bids often depend on the agency's in-house expertise and technical support from one or more bidders. The public sector's reliance on the expertise of competitors has and continues to create major creditability and competition conflicts. Public sector agencies are now avoiding these problems by engaging industry specific RFP and RFQ structuring firms. RMD Financial Corporation has established itself as an industry leader in this very specialized segment of the financial consulting market. We have structured RFPs and RFQs for public sector agencies that control over 35% of Colorado's local public sector dollars.

Request for Proposal and Qualification Document Development

The management at Denver Broncos Stadium requested that RMD develop and manage the Request for Proposal process and complete an in-depth financial and management analyses of bidders who were competing for the food and beverage concession. The City's internal selection process was not affected by our analysis, as our role was to evaluate and rank the bidders for the management of the City. MHS has an operating budget of $9 million, controls $125 million dollars in City assets and employs 175 people.


Airport Concession Proposal Development and Packaging

RMD Financial Corporation’s airport concession proposal development and packaging services includes: an in-depth “concession program analysis” of each airport, creation and implementation of a twelve to eighteen month “airport concession rollout strategy and the design of an airport specific décor and menu plan. The most critical stage in the concession development (new concession) process is the selection of each airport, and concourse based upon the “customer profile” of each firm. For example; you would not want to develop a “Mont Blanc” store in a Southwest Airlines terminal. Simply stated, the key to success as an international airport concessionaire is research and preparation. Each new airport concession investor must fully understand the economic and financial dynamics of each airport’s concession program. The quality and scope of an airport’s concession program can determine the success or failure of a concession concept. Many airport concession managers “lease too much concession space” considering the passenger traffic history of their airport. The process of securing a new airport concession could take from one to four months.


Acquisition of Airport Concessions

There are only two ways to become an airport concessionaire; you either acquire (buyout) an existing concession or become the “selected vender” in an open “Request for Proposals Process.” Both the buyout and RFP process require the approval of each airport’s property office. RMD’s concession buyout (acquisition) services include an in-depth “concession program analysis” of selected airports. In fact, we are the only firm which “ranks the top 20 US airports” based upon the performance of their concession programs. Since September 11, 2001, the issue of “pre or post security” concession locations has become a major consideration for concessionaires. The process of acquiring an airport concession could take from four to eight months.


Marketing of Airport Concessions

 Airport concessionaires decide to sale their “concession” for a range of reasons including; retirement, divorce, death, termination of a partnership, and failure of a concession concept and others. RMD is the industry leader in the marketing of airport concessions. With 35 concession locations, in 16 major airports we set the standard for the buyout and re-sale of airport concessions. We have the resources, and experience to establish the “market value” of each principal’s ownership interest in business assets and lease rights in their international airport concessions. The market value of each concession depends upon whether it is a retail, service or food concept, the term of the lease and several other factors. A concession which is designated a Disadvantage Business Enterprise (dbe) location has a lower value compared to a non-designated location. The value of a concession is also impacted by the term, and structure of the concession agreement; as well as other factors. The process of selling an airport concession is complex and could take from 4 to 8 months.


Management Consulting Services

RMD’s management consulting services range from business plan evaluation to financial packaging. RMD utilizes its financial management expertise to assist its clients in their development of sound financial and management structures. Our consulting services are provided to both the public and private sectors. Our firm’s computer related services includes systems analysis, design, and upgrades. We provide specialized financial management reporting and systems software. RMD is the industry leader in the selling of ongoing businesses.  Business owners decide to sell their company for a range of reasons from; retirement, divorce, death, termination of a partnership, lifestyle change, failure of a concession concept and others. 


Valuation of Airport Concessions

Business valuation is a process and a set of procedures used to estimate the economic value of an owner’s interest in a business. Each business valuation is used by financial market participants to determine the price they are willing to pay or receive to perfect a sale of a business. In addition to estimating the selling price of a business, the same valuation tools are often used by business appraisers to resolve disputes related to estate and gift taxation, divorce litigation, allocate business purchase price among business assets, establish a formula for estimating the value of partners' ownership interest for buy-sell agreements, and many other business and legal purposes. All airport concession leases decline in value monthly. This is due to the fact that each firm, which acquires an existing concession location must be able to recover its investment (acquisition, build out cost and generate an acceptable ROI during the remaining term of the existing lease. In fact, most existing concessions with less than 3 months before they expire have limited value; if no renewal or extension is secured. 


Asset Acquisition Cost Analysis

The public sector invests substantial dollars in the acquisition of operating equipment (computers, copiers, vehicles, communications and video products) that is acquired via lease and/or finance options. Such lease or finance vehicles include funding costs that are considered high by the public sector. Hence, the public sector’s “asset acquisition cost” for such operating equipment is high. We conducted an analysis for a public sector agency that was paying 16.75% to acquire a fleet of vehicles (purchase price $1,000,000) at a time when the agency’s” tax exempt” cost of funds was 5.65%. Simply stated, we provide public sector administrators with the financial expertise to negotiate the most financially sound acquisition structure possible. We can assist administrators as they negotiate the purchase of new equipment or restructure existing lease or finance transactions.


Industry Specific RFP Structuring

The public sector’s ability to solicit competitive and economically sound bids often depends on the agency’s in-house expertise and technical support from one or more bidders. The public sector’s reliance on the expertise of competitors has and continues to create major creditability and competition conflicts. Public sector agencies are now avoiding these problems by engaging “industry specific RFP structuring firms.” We have structured RFPs for public sector agencies that control over 35% of Colorado’s local public sector dollars.  Financial and Management of Proposals RMD Financial Corporation has provided professional and impartial financial and management evaluations of proposals for the public and private sector since 1989. The financial and management strengths of each bidder are evaluated and compared to the other bidders in the pool. The task is to award the project to the bidder that provides the most economically sound bid and has the greatest probability of becoming a successful vendor.


Website Developing and Marketing

The Internet has opened a whole new world of opportunity for all of us. With the vast amount of information available at your fingertips, it has never been easier to communicate your message to the world. A website will enable you to create your own business on the World Wide Web. Your business may be as simple or dynamic as you'd like and is only limited by your imagination. RMD will assist you in developing a professional web site.


Internet Marketing

The Internet has opened a whole New World of opportunity for even the smallest business owner. There are countless numbers of new self-made millionaires that achieved their newfound success on the Internet. These new millionaires are no different from you and me. They started their Internet businesses from the ground up, found a niche and built their success one day at a time.


Outstanding Achievements and National Recognition

RMD Financial Corporation is recognized nationally as an expert in “international airport concession marketing and management” as noted in articles in the following publications:

  • Retail World Airport News

  • The Denver Post

  • The Rocky Mountain News

  • The Denver Business Journal

  • United Press International (UPI)

  • Colorado Business Journal

Since 1989 RMD as been recognized as a leader in the small and minority business communities:

  • The US Small Business Administration recognized RMD as the Small Business Advocate of the Year in 1996.

  • Colorado Governor Dick Lamm recognized RMD for its outstanding service to the Colorado business community.

  • Colorado Governor Roy Romer recognized RMD for its outstanding service to the Colorado business community.

  • Pat Schroeder of the U. S. House of Representatives recognized RMD for its outstanding service to the Colorado business community.

  • Denver Mayor W. E. Webb recognized RMD for its outstanding service to the Denver business community.

  • The Colorado Black Chamber of Commerce recognized RMD for its outstanding service to the Colorado black business community.

A synopsis of RMD's public and private sector projects will be provided upon request.

Mission Statement

 RMD's mission is to provide its public and private sector clients with the products and services they need to insure their long term success.

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