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H.O.P.E.S. Foundation’s many initiatives were developed to increase the assistance available to the elderly, families, youth, underprivileged, as well as the environment. To accomplish this, we are working to expand our existing programs and develop new programs to increase education, training, and quality of life opportunities; especially for individuals from disadvantaged back-grounds. We must obtain funding and contributions in order to meet distribution needs.

Better Days To Come, Inc. was founded in April 2011 by Leonard Fulgham, who was an inmate at Folsom State Prison, in Repesa, California and Eric Allen, a resident of San Francisco. A collaboration between these two men evolved into an organization where their visions moved in a parallel direction. Mr. Fulgham was in a position to see youth of all races become members of the revolving door of incarceration and while being an older inmate, Mr. Fulgham began mentoring many of the younger inmates , while having the unique opportunity to hear their stories. Many of their stories outlined how they landed in the prison community and why they continued to return. Being homeless upon being released back into society is a commonly known contributing factor to these ex-offenders being hungry while being starved by the lack of job training and vocational skills. The question then came to these two inspirational men as to what could be done about these overwhelming situations?


Cuts 4 Kidz is a Colorado non-profit corporation founded on September 1, 2007. The Corporations EIN 26-0902237. The event we have held since 2007 has been providing haircuts to boys and hairstyles to girls and backpacks filled with school supplies to aid students K-12 return to school in a positive way. We solicit support from local stylists in the community to be part of this event every August to assist with the haircutting services. The Board of Directors and volunteers ensure the event is coordinated and organized to represent a positive reflection of the community in which it is held. This event started from a “conceived idea” from an original board member on the “spur of the moment plan” the end of July 2007. The event happened with only 11 days of preparation. Although this concept is not new, a former organization that boasted attendance numbers in the thousands had not been holding the event for years. Since the inception in 2007, Cuts 4 Kidz (C4K) has held the event in 2008, 2009, and 2010. The date has been set for this year on August 7, 2012. The location for this event will be at Sherman Street Event Center. The address is 1770 Sherman Street, Denver Colorado.

HomeAid was founded in 1989 by the Orange County chapter of the Building Industry Association of Southern California, an affiliate of the National Association of Home Builders. Since that time, HomeAid has expanded throughout the country and now has 20 chapters in 13 states. The organization allows home builders an opportunity to do what they do best (build homes) to help make a difference in the lives of the temporarily homeless. The Colorado chapter joined the HomeAid effort in late 1999 and is making a notable impact on homelessness in our state. As of January 2011 we have built 40 housing units, with 264 beds, representing more than $2.8 million, in in-kind contributions of labor and materials from the building industry to serve Colorado's homeless.



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