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Medical and Home Care Business Acquisitions and Marketing

Business Marketing Services

We have the resources, and experience to establish the ďmarket valueĒ of each principalís ownership interest in business assets and lease rights in their home care business.   The financial and economic dynamics of a home healthcare firm are very different from those factors which impact the value of a manufacturing company. The market value for each home care business depends upon whether it is home RN/LPN, relative care, companion care, PCP/CNA or adult daycare service, the franchise concept and other factors. The value of a home care business is also impacted by the structure of the equipment and facility lease agreements. Acquiring an ongoing home care business usually presents the challenge of State and Federal transfer approval in addition to the business buyout. Business valuation methods fall into 13 major categories, depending on where the major focus of the analysis is centered. The corporate financials statements of small home care businesses must be Normalized (recast) to arrive at a "market value."   The "business life cycle" of the home care agency, industry, and/or market segment are factors which impact the market value and business selling process  of an ongoing home care business concern.

Business Acquisition Services

RMD is a fulltime professional home care business intermediary organization engaged in the marketing of ongoing businesses. Each RMD business intermediary combines his or her experience with the cumulative knowledge of RMD and applies this knowledge to service your unique home care acquisition needs. The home care clients of each home care agency have "absolute final control" over which home care agency will provide service to them.  Hence, when one acquires a home care agency the agency's "clients" are never sold as part of the business acquisition transaction.  When an entrepreneur acquires a home care business he/she buys much more than the intellectual property, furniture and fixtures. They buy a new lifestyle and opportunity to expand into new markets.  A minority or women owned business might have a high value because of local, State or Federal contracts.  A business which is designated a Disadvantage Business Enterprise (dbe), SBA 8 (a), or VA firm has unique elements of value compared to a non-designated company. The corporate financial statements of most small businesses must be re-cast to arrive at a "market value."  We realize that finding and buying the right home care business isnít easy and may be one of the most important decisions in your life.  Our most important goal is for each transaction to satisfy the needs and goals of our buyer.

RMD's website is intended to answer many of your questions and help you understand the critical steps in the acquisition process on the business being acquired. Our advisors manage the acquisition process by:

1.     Determining whether the transaction should be an "asset or stock purchase;"

2.     Completing a due diligence on the business;

3.     Conducting an industry "business cycle analysis;"

4.     Re-cast the corporate and personal financial statements;

5.     Providing an analysis of the corporate and personal  tax documents;

6.     Creating Professional business profiles;

7.     Providing a valuation (appraisal) of the business;

8.     Generating an "acquisition pro-for ma financial;" and

9.     Assisting with financing.

We have sold and acquired businesses in the following venues and industries:

  • Accounting and bookkeeping firms;

  • Airport Concessions  (Food and Retail and Services);

  • Automotive Repair and sales;

  • College and University Venues (Food and Retail and Services);

  • Construction & Manufacturing;

  • Consumer Products;

  • Food and Retail and Services industries;

  • Home Healthcare;

  • Metro-Transportation Centers (Food and Retail and Services);

  • Professional Sports Venues (Food and Retail and Services);

  • Retail and Wholesale;

  • Shopping Mall (Food and Retail and Services);

  • Technology

  • Telecommunications; and

  • Transportation services and centers;

  • Warehousing Company.

A review of our sample engagement agreement will provide details about the scope of services offered.



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