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SBA, ACDBE, DBE, WBE, and Small  Business Certifications

The certification of small, minority, and women owned firms is an effort by local, State, Federal agencies and private firms to include such groups in commercial business.   The goal is to allow socially and economically disadvantaged businesses to compete with major corporations.  Most agencies require you to wait 1-year before you can re-apply if your certification is declined.  All certification programs require re-certification and graduation based upon the size of the firm. We provide a CPA/MBA for review your business and personal financial statements to check for potential eligibility issues regarding your financial matters for your 8a Certification.  The goal is to maintain your certification for the full 9 years SBA eligibility period.    An SBA 8 (a) certified firm can grow from a start-up and graduate from the program as a multi-million company within 3-5 years.  Just as a DBE or W/MBE firm could because a midsize ($3-5 million) concessionaire in an airport or as a primary material supplier for a government agency.  Hence, the certification of such firms assures the success of minorities and women owned businesses.  Every certification agency requires recent financial statements,  detail personal tax information, and business ownership documents. Our designated writers for each of the types of certifications consider each application, socially disadvantaged narrative and economically disadvantaged narrative.

SBA 8 (a) Certification

The 8a Certification Application is not a typical application completed for any other State, local agency or private firm because the SBA knows when they award an 8a Certification the firm has obtained something special. Hence, RMD's writers are skilled at pulling out the information from an applicant's history that will meet the SBA's requirements for the business owner.  The 8a Certification two year waiver is a comprehensive process designed to ensure that your firm applies with a credible waiver for future successful government contract completion. The two year waiver is not always intuitive and is needed in applications for recent business acquisitions, sole proprietorship becoming incorporated, as well as a business owner leaving a firm in the same industry to start their own business.  Your firm's annual SBA business plan (form 1010c) is required as part of your annual compliance package. This package is designed to determine if the firm has met its business objectives and to see if a firm with 8a certification are continuing to follow the guidelines created by the SBA. It is very important that the firm take the annual review that the SBA performs seriously. If the SBA determines that the business objectives of the firm have not been reached or that the owner is no longer deemed to be economically disadvantaged due to incorrect firm profit distribution the firm could be forced into early graduation from the program.


The first step in getting government contracts is becoming registered with the Central Contracting Registry. will handle the entire process of getting a firm CCR Registration, make sure the information is submitted accurately and that the NAICS code submitted for the firm accurately portrays to federal agencies the line of business in which the firm provides goods or services. The CCR and Dun and Bradstreet (D&B) websites are linked through the DUNS Number registration and if your firm does not have a DUNS number we will set that up as well. If you later choose to use either a HUBZone Application or 8a certification application the fee for the CCR Registration will be deducted from the application price.  Our scope of services offered document includes RMD's  fee structure.


DBE, W/MBE, SBE, ACDBE, SBEC and Small  Business Certifications

The certification of a minority, small, or women owned firm by local and State agencies is different for each agency; however, most intra state agencies have some level of "reciprocity" between agencies.   The Economic Development Agencies of  local and State agencies are dedicated to advancing economic prosperity for its businesses, neighborhoods and residents. Economic Development Agencies work with a wide variety of community partners to create a local environment that stimulates balanced growth through job creation, business assistance, housing options, neighborhood redevelopment and the development of a skilled workforce. Each Economic Development Agency  provides programs and services and funds organizations that support and identify minority, small, or women owned firms.   The minority, small, or women owned firms are provided with and opportunity to own businesses in the following public venues;


  • Airport Concessions  (Food and Retail and Services);

  • College and University Venues (Food and Retail and Services);

  • Food and Retail and Services industries;

  • Healthcare Facilities;

  • Metro-Transportation Centers (Food and Retail and Services);

  • Professional Sports Venues (Food and Retail and Services);

  • Retail and Wholesale Centers;

  • Shopping Mall (Food and Retail and Services);

  • Telecommunications Facilities; and

  • Transportation Centers;

  • A review of our sample engagement agreement will provide details about the scope of services offered.



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