Marketing Plan

Phase I - Project Analysis, Evaluation and Development Process

 Collect relevant financial, engineering, site development, marketing, leasing, and concession concept information;

 Review the collected information with client;

 Assist the client in determining which of the following types of assets will be offered for sale:

 Controlling ownership via a sale of stock;

 Fixed business assets (including furniture, fixtures and leasehold improvements);

 Intangible business assets (including future leasing rights, growing concern value and naming rights);

 Assist the client in determining an acceptable compensation structure which might include a cash buy-out, asset or stock trade, deferred payment plan, and/or owner financing;

 Assist the client in determining the minimum acceptable bid amount and deal breaker issues;

 Assist the client in determining which of the business locations should be sold first;

 Develop the national ad, e-mail, broadcast fax, direct mail, RMD’s web page, and offer to sell documents; and

 Establish reporting relationships and refine work tasks and schedule.

Estimated Timeline 14 to 21 Days

Phase II - Management of Marketing Plan

 Issue communications and authorization letter to the International Airport Property Office of facility manager;

 Meet with the Property Office or Landlord to establish reporting relationships and determine any concept restrictions;

 Meet with the Contract Compliance Office to determine the DBE certification concession guidelines;

 Load the offer to sell document into RMD’s web site on the world wide web;

 Direct mail the business for sell opportunity notice;

 Notice to concessionaires and/or business owners in your industry and market;

 Broadcast fax the offer to sell document to potential buyers.

 E-mail, the offer to sell documents to potential buyers.

 Direct mail the offer to sell documents to potential buyers;

 Advertise business opportunity notice in major national newspapers; and

Estimated Timeline 21 to 30 Days

Phase III - Administration and Negotiations

Administration of National Marketing Plan

 Establish RMD as the primary point of communications;

 RMD to manage preliminary discussions until potential buyer expresses a desire to submit a verbal or written offer;

 Client will participate in verbal or written communications concerning a offer; and

 Written offers, responses and counter offers will flow through RMD.

Final Negotiations

 Managed by client with the assistance from RMD Financial Corporation.

Estimated Timeline 120 to 180 Day

Phase VI - Acceptance of Offers and Approval

 RMD will confirm with each potential buyer that their bid has been received;

 RMD and client will evaluate each bid (offer) and RMD and/or the client will response to verbal or written offers;

 RMD will notify the landlord or property owner of written offers and the business concept proposed by each bidder, upon approval from client;

 RMD and client will work with bidder to draft an acceptable "assignment agreement" between client and bidder;

RMD will work with Buyer and Seller to manage the business selling process and/or buyout process.

 RMD and bidder will work together to secure all necessary approvals.

Estimated Timeline 30 to 60 Days

 A review of our sample engagement agreement will provide details about the scope of services offered.


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