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Starting and Operating a Business

Starting a Business in Colorado

RMD Financial Corporation can help you form your new corporation, partnership, joint-venture, non-profit or LLC, easily, and affordably. Since 1989, RMD helped hundreds of business owners  protect their personal assets by incorporating. You can trust in our expertise and the quality of our work because we provide our public and private sector clients with the products and services they need to insure their long term success.

Limited Liability Companies in Colorado

A Limited Liability Company (LLC) combines the tax flexibility of a partnership with the limited liability of a corporation. Our customers form LLCs more often than corporations, typically to protect their personal assets and avoid the "double taxation" of a corporation on shareholder dividends. Each member (owner) of an LLC reports their share of profit and loss in the company on their individual tax return.

Colorado “Limited Liability Companies” are formed for:

  • Protection from personal liability for business debts

  • Perpetual existence, so the LLC continues even if an owner dies or leaves the business

  • Pass-through taxation that allows owners to report profit and loss on their individual tax returns

  • Owners not needing be U.S. citizens or permanent residents

  • LLCs not needing hold annual meetings or record meeting minutes (though we recommend it)

Colorado Filing Requirements:

  • The state does not require a business address located in Colorado.

  • The state typically completes filings within 1-2 business days.

  • We can submit your LLC formation directly to the state without your signature.

Incorporate in Colorado

Business owners form corporations to safeguard their personal assets from business debts and liabilities. A properly formed and managed corporation can give you the freedom to conduct your business without worrying that you might lose a home, a car, or any of your personal savings because of a business obligation.

Colorado “Incorporations” are formed to:

  • Not limit to the number of C Corporation shareholders, who need not be U.S. citizens or permanent residents

  • Protection from personal liability for business debts

  • Perpetual existence, so the corporation continues even if an owner dies or leaves the business

Colorado Filing Requirements:

  • The state typically completes filings within 1-2 business days.

  • We can form your for-profit corporation directly with the state without your signature.

  • We can also help you form a nonprofit corporation with the Secretary of State.

Ready to protect your personal assets?

Get Colorado Business Licenses

You must satisfy Colorado’s license requirements before your business can legally begin to operate, with the right permit, and tax registration requirements. All state, county, and local governments require businesses to obtain one or more licenses and permits. Additionally, selling taxable goods and services or hiring employees requires that you register with tax authorities. All business license, permit, and tax registration requirements vary by your industry and location.

Examples of possible licenses required in Colorado:

  • Healthcare License

  • Lodging Tax License

  • Liquor License

  • Material Transport License

  • Real Estate License

  • Worker's Compensation License

If you want, RMD can research your licensing requirements!

Creating a Colorado Doing Business As (DBA) Company

In order to operate a business under an alternate name, it must register its "Doing Business As" (DBA) name with the appropriate state, county, city, or town government. For example, Donald Daniel might register "Daniel Heating and Plumbing" as a DBA. Likewise, "Alice's Hand Bags, Inc." might register the DBA, "Alice’s Bags." Corporations and LLCs often file DBAs to market a separate product or service.

Most local government offices refer to a DBA as a "trade name," "assumed name," or "fictitious name." In any case, a DBA name allows your business to operate under a name other than its legal name.

Get the Facts About Colorado DBAs:

  • Corporations and LLCs file DBAs with the Colorado Secretary of State.

  • Colorado DBAs do not expire as long as the corporation or LLC remains in good standing.

RMD can help you register your DBA?

A review of our sample engagement agreement will provide details about the scope of services offered.


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