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Airport concessions are unique in-that they have not experienced the major declines in revenues seen in free standing operations and mall locations.  The key  to  success is selecting the  "right concourse and location" in the best airport for your concept,  as is outlined in our international airport rankings.  Investing   in a fast food concession in Las Vegas would not be a sound investment or   opening a  high-end jewelry store on a discount airline concourse.  It is prudent to understand the economic dynamics and business cycle of each  airport concession program you select.

The dynamics of acquiring, developing and/or selling franchisees and concessions includes elements not common in other businesses.  The financial and business models of airport concessions enhance the probability of success; however, the opportunity costs are generally higher.  McDonalds will generate greater revenue; but, the franchise and marketing fees will erode your profit margins.  It is prudent to have an "exist strategy" when investing in such ventures. We can assure that you make the "best buy decision" which includes a sound exist strategy.


In the current economic environment starting, acquiring or selling a business requires  one to understand the shifting markets and industry changes. Hundreds of thousands of businesses change ownership each year, and though the reasons for selling vary, there is one goal that remains constant; maximizing the value realized from the transaction.   Business valuation methods fall into 13 major categories, depending on where the major focus of the analysis is centered. We have managed acquisitions, leverage buyouts, and mergers in more-than 30 different industry segments since 1989. A review of our sample engagement agreement will provide details about the scope of services offered.

RMD Financial Corporation has the resources, and experience to establish the market value of each principals ownership interest in a home care business. The financial and economic dynamics of a home healthcare firm are very different from those factors which impact the value of the businesses.   As the owner of a business, you are the only person who can determine if and when it is time to sell your business.   RMD's role is to help you determine the value of your business, develop a marketing plan and execute the sale  of your home care business.



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